Marc Paré is chasing the Surazo wind in Chile. The first video of the three part series “Chasing Suazo” brought the windsurfing pro to the beaches of Matanzas and Topocalma. 

In the second episode windsurfing pro Marc Pare and his friends from Chile set out to explore the coast between Matanzas and Tirua. In their chase down the southern coast they want to find out more about these spots and maybe discover new spots beyond the familiar ones. They started their roadtrip in Matanzas all the way to the south to Tirua. From the rugged beauty of Llico and to the pristine beaches of Lebu witness some the breathtaking landscapes.

The trip isn’t only about windsurfing. It’s about friendship, frustration and success, perfect surf and discovering new spots.

Chasing Surazo – The Chase with Marc Pare and friends