Victor Fernandez released a clip from his trip to Cape Town. Victor told us he had 3 amazing weeks of windsurf, surfing and hiking in Cape Town.
“We sailed a lot at the south spots, which are my favorites, especially Scarborough where I stayed on my last week of the trip, heavy shore break but super fun and intense sailing here. Most of the video is shot at Scarbourgh and Witsands. It was my 6th trip to South Africa. Every time I come here I get amazed by this country, how people live and how consistent conditions are for windsurfing. This year one of the worst parts of the trip was the water crisis as this makes you think way more how vulnerable we are in this planet and how important water can be. Another bad side of the trip was Alessio’s injury in Cape Point. That day I was filming a friend (Nacho Rocha) and Alessio was on the wave behind so I could not see the accident but right after I looked through my camera lens because I saw Alessio’s gear far from him and Klaas was helping Alessio to drag him to the shore so I knew something bad was going on. Left my camera gear in the car, call other people from the parking and we run down to the beach to help Alessio. Hard day and hard place when something like this happens as there is no signal to call the ambulance in this remote spot. Fortunately all went ok and Alessio seems to be recovering well at home now. I wish him all the best and he will come back stronger than ever.” (Victor Fernandez)

Cape Town 2018 ft. Victor Fernandez & friends

Video Credit: Jose María Alba, Moritz Mauch & Nacho Rocha
Action Photo Credit: Samuel Tomé
Lifestyle Photo: Víctor Fernández & Nacho Rocha & Moritz Mauch
Music: Rusty Tea Makers – Jump Da Fuck Up & Goodnight Radio – Sophia So Far