Italian top freestyler Mattia Fabrizi (ITA-991) spent three months in Brazil to escape the cold winter in central Europe. And the plan went well. Excellent wind and many days with good ramps allowed Mattia to practice a lot of new moves. Watch an action packed video with  a lot of perfectly landed moves filmed from nice angles: Skopus, Shakas, Backloops, Airchachos, Forwards, Culos, double Spocks, nohanded Ponch, Burner one-handed, Kabikuchi, Airfunnel, Culo, double Flaka. Airskopu, Flaka Shaka, Spock Culo, double Culo and a few more.

Mattia, who often struggled with ankle injuries during his career, seems to be top fit and improved his windsurfing level again. We are impressed!! He is ready for the first event of the 2015 season.

“I’ve been there from beginning of November till beginning of February. This year we had really good wind conditions, especially in January. That was a big surprise, as it is usually not so good during January. We had almost everyday wind and also some good swell with good waves! I learnt some jumping moves like the Air Chachoo and Backloop and I trained moves also on the other side. I hung out with Matteo Romeo and Paolo Bacchini like last year. Now I stay few weeks at home and then I’m going somewhere, but not sure where yet. I’m still thinking about it, Sardinia, Fuerte or Egypt.” Mattia Fabrizi (23) about his Brazil trip