David Weissensteiner filmed Kiri Thode, Youp Schmit and Caesar Finies on Bonaire and edited a radical freestyle clip. The riders made it really close to the camera, but David kept the nerves, alhtough he filmed without wearing a helmet and captured great action. Well done! Great action, awesome angles, incredible water colours…

David Weissensteiner: “After a long period of super light winds, we finally had a stronger week. The wind reached it’s peak on May 24 with gusts up to 30knots. Enough wind for 4,8- 4,4 and some crazy action! Even Kiri left his 5,2m on the beach. I filmed only one hour, but the guys where landing enough moves to make a short edit out of it. And next time I’ll definitely put a helmet on while filming!”


Kiri Thode, Youp Schmit & Caesar Finies on Bonaire, Caribbean in May 2016, filmed by David Weissensteiner