No doubt, David Weissensteiner got talent. Normally he windsurfs at the little Kalterer Lake in South Tyrol or drives to Lake Garda during the weekends. He decided to spend a few weeks in Bonaire last spring/summer and worked hard on his freestyle skills. We bet we are going to see much more from David in the future!! David shows a lot of flawless executed freestyle moves. The 21 year old free sailor has not the goal to participate in any freestyle competitions. He just likes the feeling sliding through moves and to land new ones.

David Weissensteiner: ” I spent a few months on Bonaire, from middle of April till end of August. I have been working for Jibe City. I twas a great time over there as Bonaire is my absolute dream spot for freestyle windsurfing. For me it’s the best spot to practice and learn new moves.”

Filmed by: Janni Hartl, Jonas Weissensteiner, Alex Maier, Simon Dettweiler

David Weissensteiner with freestyle action from Bonaire 2016