A big day in Ristna

In December a big storm hit Ristna – Hiiumaa island (Estonia). According to the locals Ristna is the best wave spot in the Baltic Sea and it truly looks amazing.

“First sight when I came to beach was epic. Some guys like Taavi Tiirik were already in water and it was big. We used sails from 3,2 up to 3,7. Our spot usually has 2 breaks to surf but on this day the waves connected and the waves were peeling in long lines to the shore. Timing and staying in the right place were the key points of the day,” Ain Härmson told us.

Riders: Ain Härmson, Martin Lääts, Jaan Raivet, Taavi Tiirik, Toomas Pertel, Vesa Pouitiainen

The Ristna – Big Day (9.12.2017)

First day – Warm up in Ristna

Filming: Miia Maarja Kuslap
Editing: Penny

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One cold minute with Leon Jamaer – Video

Leon and Frithjof didn't care about the two degrees air temperature. The decent wind forecast paired with lots of sunshine and nice ramps attracted Leon to land some jumps and ride some waves at the Baltic Sea in mid-January 2022.

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