Henri Kolberg is a real wave windsurfing addict. He lives in northern Germany – if he is not on Maui or on tour – and when conditions are on he drives to the spots, like last time, when strong wind from the north pushed excellent waves to one of his home spots and he tested his new wave board.

“It was a super cool session and I couldn’t try everything. The spot is called Damp and is located on the Baltic Sea, just 40 minutes from Schuby near Schleswig, where I live. It’s about 20 minutes away from Denmark and in the middle of the North and Baltic Sea. So I can always switch perfectly between the spots. I was there very early and after I left it became a pretty big mess. So in the end the police came and blocked the spot. You just have to make sure that you are not at the spot when everyone else is there. 

I also ride on a new board and I am still in the process of getting used to it. Until now I only have the Wave 1 in 77 liters. This is the most radical board from Sunova, a thruster and also quite small. In any case, it is completely different from my old boards from Starboard. But in the last session I already landed some of my favorite moves and the turns in the waves were great fun.” Henri Kolberg about his session at Damp, Germany

 German wave windsurfer Henri Kolberg windsurfs in waves in Damp at the Baltic Sea

Produced by Bo Clausen