Tony Mottus returned back home after spending more than 4 years in Vietnam, where he built up a Watersport base including a camping. Now, after traveling around Europe – from Tarifa to Greece – and competing on the EFPT tour in Rhodes – Tony returned to his home country Estonia. It’s autumn there and storm fronts hit the coasts. “Back Home” – produced by Simo Reinvald – is the perfect title for the video.

Tony scored great conditions on the island of Sareema, Estonia’s biggest island located in the Baltic Sea. He fully puts the focus on his personal windsurfing again and even won the Ristna Wave Classic 2021 a few days ago. Through hi time in Vietnam he constantly improved his skills in waves.

It’s great to see that he found a good balance after struggling with difficulties and personal disappointments in Vietnam last winter. Tony is extremely passionate about the sport, loves to hit he water day by day and land his moves or hit a wave. Let’s keep the stoke Tony!!!

Tony Mottus – Back Home – Freestyle windsurfing action from the island of Saarema

Produced by Simo Reinvald