After years of trying Ricardo Campello landed his first Backloop off the lip (also called Aerial Backloop) in his home country, at the remote Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. In the past we saw other windsurfers trying this maneuver too, but they never got a clean landing.


Continentseven: Why do you think you landed the Backloop off the lip finally? To be honest  I don’t know! Years of trying it with lots of cameras in Maui and I was often really close but couldn’t do it. I guess Los Roques is magical! Luckily one of my friends was filming it!

Continentseven: It looks like there was not much wind. Was this maybe a reason to stick the landing? It was light side off wind, I don’t think it was the reason.

Continentseven: And the keypoints for the move? To be honest I can’t really tell yet. I hope I can do them again! 

Backloop off the lip by Ricardo Campello

Backloop off the lip by Ricardo Campello