Antoine Albert returns to Sagres, Portugal in September 2021. The wave- and freestyle pro from New Caledonia already visited the village in July. This time he rides waves at Tonel Beach (Praia do Tonel). The conditions are looking difficult, but Antoine managed to nail Aerials in closeout breaking sections. The beach is well known for wave windsurfing as the wind blows cross shore. It’s a bit tricky as the beach is surrounded by high cliffs. The waves, which can get quite big, break over a sand back. The best season is late spring and summer, when the Nortada wind picks up almost every day in the region of Sagres in the southern Algarve of Portugal.

This video is about a 4 days trip we’ve had from Tarifa to Sagres, Portugal, because of a good forecast. I managed to score the first two days in the waves in Tonel Beach. I was on a 4.5m Banzaï and a 70L custom wave board. The wind there is pretty gusty and quite light, the wave is slow but makes a big step when it hits the sand banks, making it hard to time it and easy to get injured… I’ve had a lot of fun during those 2 sessions!! Antoine Albert about the waves at Tonel Beach

Antoine Albert rides the waves of Tonel Beach in Sagres, Portugal – Video

Camera: Toya