The second day of the 2019 Mercedes Benz Aloha Classic wave competition at Ho’okipa in Maui was an epic day of action with Antoine Martin winning the men’s single elimination in front of Camille Juban and Bernd Roediger!

“There’s a saying in life that says ‘No risk, no reward’ and you have to take your hat off to – Antoine Martin – as he risked absolutely everything in the final.” (PWA)

Check out some of the highlights from day 2 at the Aloha Classic 2019

Provisional Result Aloha Classic 2019 – Men’s Single Elimination


1. Antoine Martin
2. Camille Juban
3. Bernd Roeriger
4. Kai Lenny
5. Marcilio Browne
5. Leon Jamaer
7. Robby Swift
7. Ricardo Campello
9. Graham Ezzy
9. Philip Köster
9. Morgan Noireaux
9. Thomas Traversa
13. Jake Schettewi
13. Antony Ruenes
13. Levi Siver
13. Victor Fernandez
17. Adam Lewis
17. Diony Guadagnino
17. Jules Denel
17. Klaas Voget
17. Kevin Pritchard
17. Federico Morisio
17. Josep Pons
17. Marc Pare