Air Tack one handed – Lars Petersen

Because of Balz Müller’s Switch Back loop attempt, which reminded us on Lars Petersen’s Air Tack we asked Lars Petersen about the origin of the Air Tack and switch stance manoeuvres in windsurfing.
Lars Peterseon did the first Air Tacks somewhen in the middle of 1997, about 19 years ago. He started to do them mainly because he was inspired by Sean Ordonez and his switch stance Aerial Jibes.

And Lars Petersen inspired Victor Fernanez. In 2004 Victor Fernandez won the final of the 2nd freestyle elimination in Pozo against Kauli beacause of an Air Tack/Switch Back loop. Now Victor is working on Clew first wave 360s which are a similar movement. Victor: “I saw Mark Angulo at Hookipa landing them back in the wave 8 years ago, he inspired me a lot to try clew first wave moves in the wave.”

Air Tack one handed by Lars Petersen

Air Tack one handed by Lars Petersen


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