Like every winter Adrien Bosson spent a few weeks in Cape Town in South Africa to prepare for the upcoming freestyle season. We had a quick talk with the 2018 vice World freestyle champion about his time in South Africa.

Adrien Bosson with powerful freestyle action at Rietvlei Lake

Adrien Bosson with powerful freestyle action at Rietvlei Lake

Continentseven: You told us the conditions in South Africa this year weren’t as good as in the last years. What was different compared to previous years? 

Adrien Bosson: This year I came earlier compared to the previous years. I arrived around the 10th of December and it was really good as there were less people at the spots. The wind was a bit lighter this year at the beginning, so I had many freestyle sessions on the lakes with 4,8 and as well on the sea. I didn’t really score the usual wave conditions during December but January was much better and I guess February is delivering now. 

Did you learn new moves or combos?

Hmmm, nothing really new. Just enjoying sailing and training, trying to be more consistant on the difficult moves. Still training to really get that double air culo…ahah. Freestyle is advanced now. So you really need specific conditions and 100% commitment to do a new combo. 

Guess, you met many friends and contenders in Cape Town? 

Yes of course I met some friends there. It was my 6th year there (time flies) and during this period Cape Town is one of the most popular places for windsurfing. I stayed with Adam Sims, Ollie Anderson, Ollie Stauffacher and Flo Ragossing. The Italian team was there, as well the English guys from Vass, Dudu Levi from Israel, Gollito Estredo, Amado Vrieswijk, Jules Denel, Alex Grand-Guillot, Graham Ezzy, Arthur Arutkin, Marc Pare and my French windsurf mates Antony Ruenes & Sam Esteve. For sure I forgot many and as every year it was a really good time there on and off the water.

Are you excited about the 2019 freestyle tours? Will you compete in both, PWA and EFPT? 

Yes, I’m really looking forward to this new season. Both PWA and EFPT tour are looking super nice. 4 events on the PWA calendar with Bonaire and Portugal. This is really good to see and I hope these events will happen in good conditions. It’s gonna be much more interesting in 2019 as there will be different conditions from light to strong, from flat to waves. I will do some EFPT events as well. I have to check first with the PWA rules, the work at my center, but I will try to do as many events as I can. 

Adrien Bosson in South Africa 2018-2019

Adrien Bosson enjoyed his time in South Africa 2018-2019

Are you aiming for the PWA freestyle World title in 2019? 

You know the PWA freestyle World title is my ultimate goal. There is such a great level on the freestyle tour and with 2 more tour stops with different conditions there will be some insane battle and close wins and losses. I’m gonna train, will enjoy my time at the events and will try to do as good as last year. 

Thanks for your time Adrien and good luck for the events!!

Thanks for the interview!

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