Freestyler Adam Gavriel from Eilat, Israel, who lead the EFPT tour 2011 with three other sailors, had two nice sessions on the Kineret Lake and Hagay Lake far up north in Israel on the 23rd and 24th of June   “The lakes are 500km away from my home spot (Eilat). Two good friends, Alon and Tom and myself drove up there from my home place Eilat, to have several days of sailing. When we were there, we filmed one day in Hagay lake and one day in Kineret lake. Overall we had a really good time there!” Adam commented his trip. The lake is also called “Lake of Gennesaret” or “Sea of Tiberias” and is Israel’s largest and lowest freshwater lake and is famous as well for the miracle of Jesus walking on water. 

Filmed by Alon Mor & Tom Goren
Edited by Adam Gavriel   

Adam Gavriel with great freestyle windsurfing action at Lake of Gennesaret, Israel