Going around Sardinia: Salomé (14) & Nascimo Fournier (17) enjoyed their 2 week-trip to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy. They released a short video clip with a fast edit. Well done! And their moves are getting better and better!!

“We spent 2 weeks in Sardinia, during the end of April, in the camper van, with parents, and buddies. We had a great time, 10 days of wind, beautiful landscapes and a magic variety of spots ! We stayed in the north of the island: in Porto Pollo with its two sides, one flat and one choppy, in Stintino with east winds and some waves, a nice sandy beach with a wave and turquoise water nearby (not on the video because of the Sardinian secrets..ahaha…), and an extremely flat lagoon called La Saline, which you can see in the clip. We just had one rainy black day…” Nascimo Fournier

GIRO SARDA, a windsurfing spring trip in Sardinia, starring young French freestylers Salomé & Nascimo Fournier