Adam Sims, who is not only known for his radical style but also for his crashes had to undergo a spinal surgery in April 2017 in Munich. He had a severe disc prolaps and was close to end up in a wheelchair. The surgery went well and Adam was back on track very fast. We asked Adam about his status quo 21 months after his risky neck surgery. Here is his statement from December 30, 2018:

Yeah, actually I feel pretty good, my neck makes the odd click/grinding noise now and again that I never really had before. I had a full MRI check up just a few days before I flew to Cape Town this season and everything is looking great. That was really the final check so pretty happy with how it’s all gone, all things considered. These last checks have all been at my own expense and my own choice, I don’t really want to wish I’d gone for them at some point. Scans like that aren’t cheap but when it comes to health it’s better to be safe than sorry right. 
I’m overwhelmed with the amount of messages of support and also people writing me about similar personal experiences, where they have also been questioning if they should head back into sport, into windsurfing. It motivates me a lot and I would just say to anyone going through anything similar to do what you can not to lose the enjoyment in life. For me that’s flying high off big ramps, riding perfect waves or throwing freestyle moves. I would say take your time in recovery, know your boundaries, stick within them until you really feel comfortable and use that time to explore other passions. Adam Sims

With his latest documentary Adam looks back on a difficult period in his life.

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