In early autumn 2015 Philipp Brons, Lennart Brünig and Phivos Tsoupras went for a great sailing/windsurfing trip Borkum, a small island located in the North Sea. Borkum is the largest and westernmost of the East Frisian Islands and an eldorado for a lot of animals like sealions and birds as well as an eldorado for freestyle windsurfers like Philipp, Lennart and Phivos. The three students, who share a flat in Kiel chartered a sailing boat and visited Philipp’s home island. The clip is called “to Hus”. “To Hus” is low german, which is a dialect spoken in northern Germany and means “at home”. It was smart to make the trip with a sailboat, what allowed them to reach all spots on the small island.

“I tried to show the beauty of my home areas and it’s my home, definitely. It happens too often that we are not realizing “home”. Sometimes we tend to not perceive the daily sessions at home as something special. We forget that trips to our home spots are something special and not the trips to foreign spots. We are limited in terms of production budget and camera gear as we are still studying, but we really hope, that you like our clip.” Philipp Brons

Philip, Lennart and Phivos got awesome conditions in perfect flat water lagoons and landed brilliant freestyle new-school moves. Well done boys!

Just as an additional info: during off season it’s permitted to drive by car. The main town is Borkum and the island has around 5000 inhabitants


Philipp Brons, Lennart Brünig & Phivos Tsoupras sailed to Hus, Borkum and enjoyed the freestyle sessions