With this history video Fanatic looks back on 40 years of windsurfing. Congrats and we wish another 40 successful years on the market! 

Fanatic Marketing:

“With the launch of the 2021 Wave/Freestyle Collection, we started to celebrate our 40 years anniversary: 1981 – 2021!

Our boards and riders have won multiple World Championships, gained cult status and kept the smiles on customer’s faces for 4 decades. Fanatic has a great history of producing iconic boards and a team that has delivered multiple PWA world titles. Riders like the record nine time PWA Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo, three time PWA Wave World Champion Victor Fernandez, as well as our current PWA Slalom Champ Pierre Mortefon. Most of our riders have been in the Fanatic family for many years and it´s been amazing to watch their development along with the Fanatic brand.

With our 40 years celebration we are looking even further back into the past and caught up with some of the very old Fanatic legends like Cesare Cantagalli, Francisco Goya, Ralf Bachschuster, Nik Baker and many more. All of them helped to shape the brand and make it the success it is today. Last but not least our internal team with Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach, Shaper Sebastian Wenzel, Product Manager Daniel Aeberli as well as Karin Gertenbach and Klaas Voget in marketing – everyone is with the brand since many years and well connected.

40 years of Fanatic clip – the brand exists since 1981 and now celebrates the 40 years anniversary