For the first time the PWA and IWT crowned the Wave World Champions together. After 7 seven events in Japan, Chile, Fiji, Gran Canaria, Peru, Germany and Hawaii Sarah-Quita Offringa and Marcilio Browne were crowned the new 2023 Windsurfing Wave World Champions. 

PWA/IWT Wave World Champions 2023

PWA/IWT Wave World Champions 2023

It was an exciting battle until the last event in Maui.

Sarah-Quita Offringa not only won the event in Ho’okipa but also secured her third Wave World title with a lead of over 5600 points.

In the men’s category it was a very tight battle until the final event day. Ricardo Campello arrived on Maui as the tour leader. His hardest title contenders were Marcilio Browne in 2nd, Marc Paré in 3rd and Antoine Martin in 4th. Antoine Martin won the event and moved up into third position overall. Ricardo Campello improved his ranking from the single elimination but it was not enough to finally win the wave wtitle. He finished in 7th and lost his leading overall position to Marcilio Browne, who won his third Wave World title by 836 points difference only.

The Scoring System

In total the best 2 out of 6 events plus the Maui result were counting in the women category. (example: Maui local Sarah Hauser collected 10000 points in Fiji and 3690 points in Peru. She added 7650 points for her third place in Maui. In total Sarah collected 21340 points finished overall in 2nd place.)

The best 3 results out of 6 events plus the Maui event were counting in the men category. (example: Philip Köster collected 5718 points in Japan, 4000 points in Chile and 6370 points in Gran Canaria, in addition he collected 16088 points, but did not make it to Maui due to his foot injury and received 0 points. Philip moved from 5th down to 13th)

Windsurfing Wave World Champion 2023 – Overall Result

Result Wave World Champion 2023 – Women overall

(The best 2 results plus Maui result are counting, 38 riders in total)

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa (27000 points)
2. Sarah Hauser (21340 points)
3. Coraline Foveau (20626 points)
4. Maria Andres (20140 points)
5. Maria Behrens (19030 points)
6. Jane Seman (18355 points)
7. Lina Erpenstein (18073 points)
8. Jessica Crisp (17965 points)
9. Marine Hunter (17103 points)
10. Sol Degriek (15701 points, Youth World Champion 2023)
11. Justyna Sniady Line Bang Wittrup (13255 points)
12. Line Bang Wittrup (12722 points)
13. Pauline Katz (11985 points)
14. Motoko Sato, Daida Ruano Moreno (10000 points)
16. Alexia Kiefer Quintana (Youth, 9101 points)
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Result Wave World Champion 2023 – Men overall

(The best 3 results plus Maui result are counting, 80 riders in total)

1. Marcilio Browne (27429 points)
2. Ricardo Campello (26593 points)
3. Antoine Martin (26344 points)
4. Marc Paré (23733 points)
5. Morgan Noireaux (20625 points)
6. Bernd Roediger (20152 points)
7. Robby Swift (19604 points)
8. Takuma Sugi (16974 points)
9. Leon Jamaer (16883 points)
10. Antoine Albert (16687 points)
11. Marino Gil Gherardi (16310 points)
12. Takara Ishii (16182 points)
13. Philip Köster (16088 points)
14. Baptiste Cloarec (15214 points)
15. Jake Schettewi (15103 points)
16. Federico Morisio (15014 points)
17. Jules Denel, Victor Fernandez (14199 points)
19. Antony Ruenes (13184 points)
20. Liam Dunkerbeck Morales (12367 points, Youth World Champion 2023)
21. Adam Warchol (12141 points)
22. Thomas Traversa (11954 points)
23. Alessio Stillrich (11584 points)
24. Hayata Ishii (11567 points)
25. Julian Salmonn (11415 points)
26. Graham Ezzy (11407 points)
27. Camille Juban (10285 points)
28. Arthur Arutkin (9847 points)
29. Russ Faurot (8690 points)
30. Dieter van der Eyken (7609 points)
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