The third day of competition of the Aloha Classic started with the masters competition and continued with the first 3 rounds of the double elimination. The women and the juniors got released earlier by head judge Duncan Coombs.

Congrats to former PWA Freestyle World Champion Josh Stone, who won the Master final. Pierre Godet from Reunion finished in 2nd and Francisco Goya (PWA Wave World Champion 2000, Quatro co-founder in 1994 and owner of Goya Windsurfing) completed the podium in 3rd.

The wind was quite light on day 3 and blew a bit side onshore, what made riding down the line quite tricky. But the wave height was up to logo high, though.

Oh, it was pretty fun. The wind was a bit light, a bit side onshore, but it was ok. I was on 4.9m and 81 liters. I’m so happy to pass my first heat in the double elimination. It’ so cool to be there. Titouan Flechet about the conditions on day 3

Josh Stone with a stylish cutback (Photo: Carter/PWA)

Josh Stone with a stylish cutback (Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries)

Double elimination Pro Men – 12 riders still in

In the double elimination 10 heats got completed. 7 or 8 heats are still missing to determine the final winner. 12 riders are still in the double elimination and can win the 2023 Aloha Classic. Spaniard Marc Paré Rico won three heats and had the highest heat score of the day (13.23 points). He is one of the title contenders and his dream is still alive. Japanese hot shot Takara Ishii and the Maui locals Levi Siver and Jake Schettewi made it up to the 4th round, too. But a few big names can pack their bags already. Locals Robby Swift, Graham Ezzy or Russ Faurot missed out to qualify for the top 12. Euro hot shot Marino Gil Gherardi will leave Maui with a satisfying equal 15th place together with French ripper Arthur Arutkin. Marino would have only needed 0.31 points more to make it to the next round. Globetrotter Federico Morisio missed out to qualify for the next round by less than a point. It was even closer for Maui resident Robby Swift, who would have needed 0.11 points to make it to the next round. But Robby Swift has a cold definitely was not at his best. 

Local Levi Siver fights back through the double elimination (Photo: Carter/PWA)

Local Levi Siver fights back through the double elimination (Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries)

Marc Paré tweaks his Aerial during the double elimination (Photo: Carter/PWA)

Marc Paré tweaks his Aerial during the double elimination (Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries)

What comes next?

Let’s hope that the conditions will cooperate on the final days to complete the men double elimination in proper conditions (just 7 to 8 men heats are missing) and to run the ladies double elimination. We had a chat with Kai Katchadourian, livestream commentator and participant in the masters class. He told us, that it’s looking promising for November 2nd and 3rd.

12 riders are still in the double elimination. 20 already got eliminated within the three rounds. The next heat of the men’s double elimination is already a very exciting one. Ricardo Campello and Marc Paré Rico will sail together in this heat of the double elimination. Their tough opponents will be wave windsurfing guru Thomas Traversa and Japanese talent Takara Ishii. Not an easy draw!! So the first heat could already decide the final overall result in the men wave ranking. Actually Marcilio Browne leads the rankings. He is placed third after the single elimination.


Current Event Ranking Maui Strong Aloha Classic Grand Final

Men’s Single Elimination

1st Antoine Martin (FRA | Starboard / North Sails)
2nd Bernd Roediger (USA | Flikka / Hot Sails Maui / Black Project Fins)
3rd Marcilio Browne (BRA | Goya Windsurfing)
4th Camille Juban (GPE | AV Boards / S2Maui)
5th Ricardo Campello (BRA/VEN | Naish / Naish Sails), Morgan Noireaux (HI | JP / NeilPryde / Black Project Fins) 
7th Kai Lenny (HI | Quatro / Goya Windsurfing), Thomas Traversa (FRA | Tabou / GA Sails)

Women’s Single Elimination

1st Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU | Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins)
2nd Coco Foveau (FRA | Flikka / GUNSAILS)
3rd Maria Behrens (GER | Duotone / Duotone Sails)
4th Shawna Cropas (USA | Duotone / Duotone)





Current overall rankings wave:


1.Sarah-Quita Offringa (confirmed 2023 IWT/PWA Wave World Champion)
2.Maria Andres
3.Sarah Hauser
4.Jane Seman
5.Marine Hunter
6.Lina Erpenstein
7.Justyna Sniady
8.Jessica Crisp


1.Ricardo Campello
2.Marcilio Browne
3.Marc Pare
4.Antoine Martin
5.Philip Köster
6.Robby Swift
7.Baptiste Cloarec
8.Takuma Sugi