On the day 4 the plan was to continue with the the double elimination of women and men. Just 7 or 8 heats need to be completed to know the final winner. The waves were gorgeous, but unfortunately the wind didn’t pick up. It was a perfect surfing day and many riders made it on the water with their surfboards. Let’s hope for proper wind and waves for the final day!!

Liam Dunkerbeck surfs Ho'okipa (Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries)

Liam Dunkerbeck surfs Ho’okipa (Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries)

A few of the top ranked riders sat down with Kai Katchadourian for interviews. Just scroll to 1:47 for the first interview.

Interviewed riders are Bernd Roediger, Antoine Martin, Sarah Hauser, Morgan Noireaux, Coraline Foveau, Federico Morisio, Maria Behrens, Takara Ishii, Sol Degrieck, Liam Dunkerbeck and Sarah-Quita Offringa.

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ALOHA CLASSIC 2023 – Day 4 -riders interviews (from 1:47 onwards)




Current overall rankings wave:


1.Sarah-Quita Offringa (confirmed 2023 IWT/PWA Wave World Champion)
2.Maria Andres
3.Sarah Hauser
4.Jane Seman
5.Marine Hunter
6.Lina Erpenstein
7.Justyna Sniady
8.Jessica Crisp


1.Ricardo Campello
2.Marcilio Browne
3.Marc Pare
4.Antoine Martin
5.Philip Köster
6.Robby Swift
7.Baptiste Cloarec
8.Takuma Sugi