The 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup – Day 2

The PWA returns to Cabo Verde for the 5th time (for the first time in 12 years) and runs the 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup together with Josh Angulo and a few partners on the island of Sal from February 20 – 28, 2022. Yesterday the first round of the single elimination got completed. Day 2 was the day to finish the single elimination. After a 60min final heat it was Bernd Roediger who won the single elimination in front of Marcilio Browne, Thomas Traversa and Antoine Martin.

Day 2 of the single elimination at Ponta Preta

Marcilio Browne, Thomas Traversa, Josh Angulo and Morgan Noireaux are the first four riders, who advanced into the third round. The swell has improved in size and direction. The level is up! It’s looking promising to run a few more heats today. Antoine Martin  shows the heat of his life with scoring with 8.38 & 9.38 points. It’s insane! 37 year old Boujmaa Guilloul from Essaouira, Morocco shows great skills in the second round with big scores (a 7.12 on his best wave). It looks like the wave conditions are in his favour.

Brawzinho nails a Taka at Ponta Preta (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Brawzinho nails a perfect Taka at Ponta Preta (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Heat 12 , the last heat of round 2, one of the main event title contenders, Bernd Roediger from Hawaii (with German roots), shows again his Samurai image and lands a brilliant Taka after a long wave ride. He scores a 9.25 points counting wave ride. And the Japanese hot shot Takuma Sugi – he is the second youngest rider of the fleet with 19 years of age – showed great rides after a difficult start. Bernd and Takuma are through into round 3.

Heat 13 was such a great heat with Thomas Traversa and Marcilio Browne, two former PWA Wave World Champions from 2014 and 2013 advancing to the top 4. It was one of the tightest heats. TT and Braw had the longest rides and best wave selection. Josh and Morgan were on their heels, but couldn’t keep up this time. TT and Braw know Ponta Preta quite well, what’s an advantage. Josh nailed great Aerials, but probably missed out to set vertical turns while his rides. He still is in a great position and can fight back in the double elimination. The forecast is looking well for the upcoming weekend. Morgan Noireaux travelled to Sal for the the first time and was fighting for a qualifying spot till the end of the heat.

In the re-sail of Heat 14, the second semi final, which has been cancelled at half time, the performance of all 4 riders was on a high level: beautiful wave riding in glassy conditions. Antoine Martin was on the biggest wave of the day – he received 8.55 points for that ride – and won the heat with 15.05 points in total. In second place we see Bernd Roediger, who built up high points in the second half of the heat and had 13.95 points in total. Takuma Sugi made it in third and Boujmaa Guilloul in fourth place in heat 14 and missed out to qualify for the big final.

The final heat in the single elimination – a 60 minutes long battle in difficult surf conditions

After a 45 minute break we saw an exciting final heat with Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Antoine Martin & Bernd Roediger battling for the victory in the single elimination. It was a tight heat. Not too many big sets came through. Bernd managed to catch the biggest one and sail it all the way down to the end. That gave him the single high score of 8.19 points for a wavered. With a second score of 4.56 points it was just enough to keep the lead till the end with a total score of 12.75 points.

Marcilio fought hard, ended on the rocks several times, had to walk down to the sandy beach to re-start the heat once (he got support from Ricardo & Swifty). The Brazilian had a good wave selection, landed a clean Goiter, but perhaps missed out to pick up a really huge wave. The conditions were tricky and he was the only rider picking up a good wave in the last 10 minute s of the final. 12.57 points in total are the second place on the podium in the single elimination.

Thomas Traversa took a lot of risk in the final, landed big Aerials, but crashed a mast plus sail and had to re-start his heat downwind from the beach. He sometimes set up the ride excellent, but then lost the wave or crashed. But his riding looked very nice. 11.79 points overall are enough for the third place.

Just 0.3 points behind is the dare devil Antoine Martin, who showed amazing Aerial, but crashed a few wave rides and didn’t show the vertical turns. He looked very much connected to the waves. He had most scores of all four riders on the heat sheet, but with the lowest points compared to his opponents. He was the only rider , who was able to improve his points within the last 17 minutes of the heat as the waves got quite rare and the wind dropped a lot.

The final was on the edge in the end, but due to the one hour length it was fair enough to count the results. Congrats to the winners. Skippers meeting is set tomorrow for 8:00AM with a first possible start at 8:30AM local time. The double elimination ladder is on and posted below. 

The scores of the final heat in the single elimination (Source: PWA Worldtour)

The scores of the final heat in the single elimination (Source: PWA Worldtour)

Results single elimination (32 riders fleet):

1.Bernd Roediger (12.75 points)
2.Marcilio Browne (12.57 points)
3.Thomas Traversa (11.79 points)
4.Antoine Martin (11.76 points)
5.Josh Angulo, Takuma Sugi
7.Boujmaa Guilloul, Morgan Noireaux
9.Jules Denel, Graham Ezzy, Camille Juban, Jake Schettewi
13.Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift, Liam Dunkerbeck, Baptiste Cloarec
17.Julien Flechet, Takara Ishii, Philip Köster, Antoine Albert, Antony Ruenes, Victor Fernandez, Julian Salmonn
25.Arthur Arutkin, Josep Pons, Adam Warchol, Titouan Flechet, Miguel Chapuis, Marino Gil, Michael Friedl Morales, Alexandre Grand-Guillot

Single elimination winners in Cabo Verde 2022

Single elimination winners in Cabo Verde 2022

Bernd Roediger is happy and thankful for everything

Bernd Roediger is happy and thankful for everything

2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup – Livestream Day 2, February 21

Kai Katchadourian, who knows all the spots on Sal very well traveling to Sal almost 20 times in the past 26 years (for free-sailing or competition), guides you through the livestream. 

PWA Cabo Verde - The Elimination ladder

PWA Cabo Verde 2022 – The completed single elimination ladder with Bernd Roediger on top ahead of Marcilio Browne

PWA Cabo Verde - The double elimination ladder

PWA Cabo Verde 2022 – The double elimination ladder