Dutch world class freestyler and upcoming wave rider Maaike Huvermann, who won two youth World titles and 4 vice PWA World titles in freestyle and already made it on the podium in a Wave World Cup event in 2019, released a video about her last year. 2020 was way different compared to the previous 7 years on tour. Maaike started to study in the Netherlands and had a lot of time on the water in 2020. She learnt a few new moves and now has an insane level in freestyle. Let’s see, if she will win her first World title in the near future. Maaike has big goals for 2021. She wants to land the double Culos consistently.

Maaike Huvermann: It’s been a weird year for all of us and I think everyone was effected in a different way. For me personally it created quite a lot of freedom. Normally I’m quite constrained to my schedule at university, often leading me to miss out on good days on the water. With the lockdown of uni, the online teaching has made it possible for me to do work in my own time at my own speed. Since we don’t get windy days that regularly, it’s great to be able to adapt to the weather situation. As a result, I’d say I had the most time on the water in Holland I’ve ever had! During the Dutch lockdown we were always allowed to travel freely in the Netherlands, so that really helped as well.
Over the summer, the restrictions eased off a bit and I was able to get some training in Naxos. Together with Oda Johanne, Lennart Neubauer and Balz Müller we had a little team training get together and it was the best. Being out with them is so much fun and very motivating as well. I got much more consistent on my Kabi’s with the help of Balz and started practicing double moves such as Double Culo, Spock Kono etc. After Naxos, I visited Cornwall and scored some really great days. It was my first time there so I had to find my way around with the tides, swell, and endless amount of spots, but with the help of some locals we had some great times on the water. All in all, a great year for windsurfing. Hoping for the tour to continue and that we can all have a good windsurfing year!

2020 Round Up from Maaike Huvermann – watch some of her best freestyle and wave windsurfing action from a season without international competitions