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Kids attack – Dax Barker

on 11. July, 2012 – 17:01 / 5 Comments

Dax Barker is now 8 and already carving into jibes. Great, but we think, he is ready for a smaller board with a shorter fin. Or, if not, he will be the future Formula Worldchampion. Also a good plan.




  • Danny says:

    Looks like the future Formula Worldchampion!

  • Jeff says:

    It does look like a formula board! I have helped Dax learn windsurfing and at every turn, I have encouraged him to stay on gear he is comfortable with. Confidence is what keeps him stoked and learning. He is playing with smaller boards too, but is happiest on this classic 88L.

  • Dahab says:

    Guys, Im really happy when kids get into windsurfing!

    But travel to Dahab and see 2 little bedouin brothers (7 and 9 I guess) windsurf every day, all day… They doin full planing jibes on all equipment and one of them is close to do a vulcan by now… Sick!

  • nülle says:

    go to camocim , and you will see kids already doing burners in this age 😉 !