Windsurfing a perfect reef break in New Caledonia – A POV session with Antoine Albert

Antoine Albert takes us with him to a reef at his home in New Caledonia. As it’s all in French, we caught up with Antoine for more info about his session.

Where did you start?
We leave from the city of Nouméa with the car and the boat behind, then we drive like 1h to Bouraké where you can put the boat on the water and then it’s another 30min boat ride to the wave, the distance is like 4-5 nautical miles. I always go with my friend Yoan Despujols.
Which gear did you bring?
During this session I was using the 4m Banzaï and my Custom quad 70L from Goya Windsurfing. The fin set up I use is the MFC KS set 13cm/9cm.
How long did you stay out there?

We usually go just for the day/afternoon, like we leave the house in Nouméa at 9:30-10:00 and we are back around 18:00-18:30. During this session the swell was quite small and the high tide was in the afternoon. So that makes the wave a bit choppy but at least we can cross over the reef without touching if we get closed out. It usually get cleaner and more hollow with low tide.


A POV wave session at New Caledonia


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