The release of Fanatic’s Stubby caused a quite long discussion last month. Now Victor Fernandez released a clip in which he uses the new compact wave board the Stubby TE at Hookipa and we thought it would be interesting to get Victor’s impressions about the board. 


Continentseven: How do you like Fanatic’s new Stubby?
Victor Fernandez
: It’s a great board concept. I had a great Hookipa session on small waves two days ago and yesterday in bigger waves it was fun too. I’m impressed how good it also works in Hookipa conditions as I knew the board was amazing for side on. I’m amazed with this board, it really works good. What I really like of this board is that I can make turns that I can’t with other boards.

Continentseven: How does the board feel in turns and jumps? 
Victor Fernandez: The board is just super easy, not just for a high level of windsurf, also for someone, who starts getting into waves. For jumping it is amazing as the board is planing early and very fast and I get a lot of lift. On the wave it turns really tight and keeps the speed very well. I also love the pop that the big tail gives you for all the wave tricks.

Continentseven: Do you get the same height during jumps, compared to the other shapes? 
Victor Fernandez: I do get more height than with my Quad but similar height to the Tri-Wave. I would say this board is more skaty, as the board is so short and you don’t have much nose it’s easy for moves like Shakas, Goiters or Takas. 

Continentseven: In which conditions would you use the Stubby?
Victor Fernandez: I think in side to side onshore conditions, spots with current and a lot of white water.

Continentseven: Will you use it in competitions, too? 
Victor Fernandez: Yes, I will. I’m still not sure in which PWA tour stops but I think Denmark, Sylt & Tenerife I will use the Stubby. 


Victor Fernandez using the Fanatic Stubby TE at Hookipa