Tim Ruyssenaars (NED-66) is a young Dutch freestyle sailor from Holland. He was one of the freestyle sailors, who applied for the Continentseven wild card for the 2013 PWA Surf World Cup in Austria. It was a difficult decision for us, but after some discussions, we decided to give the wild card to 16 year-old Tim Ruyssenaars. Tim has no support from the industry yet, but has already a great level in freestyle. With the participation in Austria, we give him the chance to show his skills, to get experience and this wild card will help him to get a place in the PWA event in Brouwersdam (Holland), which is his home spot.  


Tim Ruyssenaars: “Since I started windsurfing at the age of nine it is my dream to enter the PWA and challenge the battle with all the pro windsurfers and my idols. Applying for the wild card was my chance to realize my dream. The competition will take my windsurfing to the next level and I really hope to get sponsors. Last year I entered the EFPT pro tour and it was a big experience for me. I finished 13th at Weymouth. Now I will take my competition level to the next step at Podersdorf.” 


Flat water freestyle action by Tim.

Flat water freestyle action by Tim



Interview with Tim Ruyssenaars


C7: How is the feeling to know to participate in your first PWA Freestyle Worldcup soon?

Tim Ruyssenaars: It’s a great feeling, this is my first PWA event! So I’m really excited to compete on this level with all the riders I look up to.


C7: Did you expect to get the wildcard?

Tim Ruyssenaars: I did not expect to get it, but I really did hope, when I get the wildcard I was really happy!  


Tim at his first EFPT event in Weymouth, UK 2012.

Tim at his first EFPT event in Weymouth, UK 2012


C7: When did you start to windsurf/freestyle?

Tim Ruyssenaars: I started windsurfing at the age of 9 on the Grevenlingendam where my dad learned me the basics, 2007 I went for the first time to the Brouwersdam, where I saw people doing freestyle moves then I thought this is what I want, and I got my first freestyle board and started to practice, when I landed my first Airjibe that was a thrilling feeling, and it motivated me to go on and learn more and more moves. 


C7: Did you participate in any competitions so far in your career?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Yes I did, when I met the local freestylers on the Brouwersdam I started competing in 2007 with local competitions, in 2010 in started compete on the EFPKT and last year the EFPT what was a great experience for me.


C7: How can a heat of you look like?

Tim Ruyssenaars: My heat  can look like as follows: I will start right with the start sign with a consistent move and after that doing the moves I can do and collecting points with slide moves, and after that throwing moves like Shakas, Culos, Funnels, Bobs, Konos and Burners. I just hope not to crash too many.


Kono action, an important move nowadays.

Kono action, an important move nowadays


C7: Do you know the PWA judging rules already?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Yes I know already a couple of rules, and just the basic rules we use on the Dutch competitions and the EFPT rules. 


C7: How will you prepare in the last three weeks before the event in Austria?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Actually the conditions are not so good. This winter in Holland was very cold from October 2012 till now and when it was windy I sometimes didn’t get the chance to sail because of school or work, but I had a couple of cold but gold sessions! Now it is already a bit warmer, the weekend before the PWA Podersdorf is the first round of the Dutch championships. I really hope there will be wind at both of this competitions. 


C7: How much gear will you bring for the event?

Tim Ruyssenaars: I will bring all the gear I have with me, my echo LE serie 4.0, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2 and my 80 and 90 ltr tabou twister  and also my 3.3 Manic in case of stormy conditions.


Tim in one of his favourite conditions.

Tim in one of his favourite conditions


C7: What’s your homespot and what are your favorite conditions?

Tim Ruyssenaars: My homespot is the Brouwersdam, where you have a nice flat water freestyle spot and it also delivers good chop. My favorite conditions are steady strong wind and flat water or nice long chop for bigger moves.


C7: Do you have any sponsors or supporters yet?

Tim Ruyssenaars: No, I don’t have sponsors, and I hope I find some good sponsors this year. At the moment my parents are supporting me with everything. I’m really thankful to them without them it wasn’t possible to achieve this!


C7: Do you still go to school?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Yes I still go to school. It’s very important to get a good school diploma, last year I graduated school and started to learn an economic education.


C7: Did you meet some of the Freestyle pros already before or will it be the first time for you?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Yes, because on my homespot when I started windsurfing I met already people who are now on the tour, it is really good to have very good sailors around me, because I can ask them for tips when I’m learning new moves. When Davy is around he gives me the good useful tips for moves. On the Brouwersdam, I often sail with Nick van Ingen and Rick Jendrusch. And I already did meet PWA sailors during the EFPKT and EFPT competitions.


C7: Did you ever sail on a sweet water lake?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Yes, I sailed on a lake in Holland named Amstelmeer, where the Dutch championship takes place once a year, but I’m used to salt water and I like it more than sweet water.


Spinloop action.

Spinloop action


C7: What do you personally expect from you first participation in a World Cup?

Tim Ruyssenaars: I already heard a couple of stories from Podersdorf. I expect a lot of great sailing and fun on the water. Plus I hope for a great time at the event and to meet new people.


C7: Do you have an own website already, where interested people can read more about you?

Tim Ruyssenaars: Yes, I have my website for a quite long time. I report about my competitions and my results are. My website is www.windmaniac.nl.Take a look! I thank the Continentseven team for my wildcard. See all of you in Podersdorf!



Freestyle action by Tim, captured in South of France in 2012:

Tim Ruyssenaars travels

Tim Ruyssenaars travels


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