Tim Ruyssenaars (NED-66) released a short clip from his session on February 20th. He landed his freestyle repertoire very clean despite the cold water  during the winter. Well done Tim!

Tim Ruyssenaars: “It wasn’t cold and the wind was very nice, from an excellent direction! I shared Brouwersdam with just a few other riders. Maaike Huvermann was out there, too. I still do not get the height I wish, but all the moves I wanted are in the clip! I hope to get a wildcard for the PWA event at Podersdorf this year again and  I plan to compete in some EFPT events, too. As I am still studying it isn’t possible to do a full PWA tour. But I hope to attend the full tour after school when I have more competition experience  and score some good results and be able to sail in more different spots!”

Tim had his PWA debut in 2013, but has been competing on youth level since 2008. Tim is 19 years of age.


Tim Ruyssenaars winter session at Brouwersdam, Netherlands during February 2016