Johannes Aizetmüller from Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria just spend a few days at lake Garda. He is a professional camera man and spotted Steven van Broeckhoven at Lake Garda. Steven, who dominated the EFPT event at Podersdorf and won all three disciplines (EFPT freestyle, tow-in European title 2014 and C7 Best Trick), is currently on the “Secret of the wind tour” around Europe, cruising with filmer  and team mate Andraz Zan in a white Jaguar XF Sportbrake from one windy spot to the next. He spent two days at Lake Garda and went for a evening session at Malcesine. The vento was definitely on and Johannes from “fancy tree films” filmed some action and edited a little clip. Good job!


Actually Steven and Andraz Zan are on Sardinia. Check out the clip from Pittulongu.