Danni Bay Jakobsen (DEN-64) joined the Black Team at El Medano, Tenerife to train his Slalom skills. He was sailing with some really fast guys like Ben van der Steen, Gunnar Asmussen, Vincent Langer, Jordy Vonk, Marco Lang and a few more. They trained starts and jibes. Mark Hosegood, Tenerife resident and PWA approved judge, who has a lot of experience in starting and organizing race courses, did the starts.  “I was using 7.0m and 97l in the “grey” part of the beginning, 7.8 and 117 in the races  and 80l and 6.3m at the rest of the clips.”


So it was quite windy, when Danni was at Medano. Read his full comment:


I went to Tenerife 4th January straight after exams! It was time to spend some time on the equipment again and after quite a long break in autumn and I was fully motivated to test and tune my new sails. I could only be there until  January 31st before my bachelor program started back home in Denmark. We had more or less all kinds of conditions during my stay. Right after my arrival I went directly to the beach and on the water and we kept racing for a couple of days before the wind completely turned off again. We had almost a week of rain, grey skies and no wind. So it was more or less only weather to enjoy the gym and keep up with the computer. Around halfway through my stay the wind came back and we had the opportunity to try everything we had, from the smallest wave or slalom gear to the big ones in marginal conditions – it was great racing and training! Unfortunately I had some days off the water due to a food poisoning and during those days the wind was howling in the Canaries! It was full power with gusts around 55 knots, but with sun and smilies all around – that was the hardest part to skip! Luckily the last days we had wind again and great racing and tuning. This video is some of the highlights from my stay where I spent the month working around “Sparky’s” Pro X Training, which gathered a lot of the PWA guys for preparations for the season.