Shove It Forward Loop – Gollito Estredo

Gollito busting out another new move combination. This time he jumps a Shove it and rotates after a short delay in a Forward Loop. We remember Caesar Finies doing a similar move combo at the Gorge in 2016. Caesar’s version is without tweaking the board.

Shove It Forward Loop by Gollito Estredo

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🙂 What a mess I did… Let me be clear, PF it is of course harder than this one, you need more height, fear factor is higher, there is one whole trick more to do at PF…. BUT – that is what i meant – The techinque looks very similar as at the end of PF. There is a push with back hand to stop the rotation and then you begin with forward. I think that is the same, isnt it?
Cheers and again big respect to Mr. Gollito The Freestyle Machine!


@ Pamir
could you please post some of your pushforwards?


Another freestyle level gollito show us new tricks each year sometimes difficult or not but nobody can land in competition just him.


Hello paMIR!!
why you think it is just the same tan pushloop- forward? i tried some shove- forwards some years ago but i do still not manage to try pushforward…


Actually almost same and just a bit easier than pushforward. Deep respect Gollito for making these tricks during heats!