A chat at the beach with Sarah-Quita Offringa and Maaike Huvermann. Sarah-Quita Offringa not only won the 2018 PWA Fuerteventura World Cup for the 12th time but also claimed her 11th Freestyle world title. After the award ceremony of the 2018 Fuerteventura World Cup Sarah-Quita and Maaike had a little swim to wash off the champagne and stress from the competition.

Result PWA Fuerteventura Freestye World Cup 2018

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
2. Maaike Huvermann
3. Oda Johanne
4. Arrianne Aukes
5. Lina Erzen
5. Johanne Rümenapp
5. Birgit Rieger
5. Nicole Bandini
9. Lisa Kloster
9. Eva Wyss