“Where the sails meet” is an almost 27 minutes long documentary by Lorenzo Squarcia (Progressive Media Studio) that shows the lifestyle of four young windsurfers, who moved to Sant’Antioco island in Sardinia for windsurfing. This small island, located in the south western corner of Sardinia, allows them to practice every kind of windsurfing in all the possible conditions, from freestyle to wave. Gianluca Tamantini, Nicolò Tagliafico, Rossel Bertoldo and Giovanni Passani are the riders of this story. Gigi Madeddu and his windsurfing club Sa Barra, a place where they meet each other, made this film project possible. Watch a film, which shows the real passion for windsurfing!

A windsurfing documentary about the island of Sant’Antioco



Riders: Giovanni Passani, Nicolò Tagliafico, Gianluca Tamantini, Rossel Bertoldo, Gigi Madeddu

Produced by: Alessandro Lazzi, Lorenzo Squarcia, Alessio Delfini, Giovanni Passani, Nicolò Tagliafico, Gianluca Tamantini, Rossel Bertoldo, Gigi Madeddu

A film/documentary by: Lorenzo Squarcia

Edited by: Daniele Monetti, Simone Spampinato

Cinematography: Alessandro Lazzi, Lorenzo Squarcia, Alessio Delfini

GoPro operator: Alessio Delfini

Audio: Alessandro Lazzi, Lorenzo Squarcia

Sound Design: Simone Spampinato

Graphic Design: Alessio Delfini

Colorist: Lorenzo Squarcia, Simone Spampinato

Data Manager: Alessio Delfini