Daida Moreno and Victor Fernandez are the winners of the 2015 PWA Wave World Cup on Tenerife. Marc Pare won the Juniors competition and Ricardo Campello won the exhibition session at Siam Park (artificial wave pool) in front of Adam Lewis and Antoine Martin.

Dieter van der Eyken advances through the trials - PWA Worldcup Tenerife 2015

Dieter van der Eyken advances through the trials – PWA Worldcup Tenerife 2015

Marc Pare
won the single single elimination in front of Julian Salmonn, Noah Vocker and Alexandre Grand-Guillout.
Ladies Single Elimination
The ladies competition – 16 ladies are participating at Cabezo – got started on day 3. Daida Moreno continued her winning start to the year to take the women’s single elimination crown, whilst the men’s main draw also began after the conclusion of the trials.
The women’s winners’ final saw four women – Daida Moreno, Iballa Moreno, Steffi Wahl and Amanda Beenen – battling it out for the single elimination title. Iballa kicked off the final in spectacular fashion as she launched into a radical one-footed forward to set the tone, whilst Beenen, Wahl and Daida all landed forward loops. Iballa quite often gets the upper hand in the wave riding department, but today it was Daida who dominated as she unleashed several aggressive, vertical, frontside smacks, which made all the difference as she maintained her 100% record for 2015 – for now at least. Meanwhile, Iballa finished second with Beenen completing the podium at this stage – narrowly ahead of Wahl in fourth. 
The top four ladies - PWA Tenerife World Cup 2015

The top four ladies – PWA Tenerife World Cup 2015


After the single elimination of the ladies was finished the trials got started. Arthur Arutkin, Dieter Van der Eyken, Loick Lesauvage and Marc Paré advanced into the main event.

Heat 1: Marc Pare vs Antoine Albert vs Arthur Arutkin vs Noah Vocker
Heat 2: Pablo Ramirez vs Dieter Van der Eyken vs Maciek Rutkowski vs Alexandre Grand Guillot
Heat 3: Markus Rydberg vs Loick Lesauvage vs Morgan Noireaux vs Frederico Morisio


Men’s Single Elimination
In the men’s single elimination two heats got finished. In heat 1 Alessio Stillrich produced a fantastic display to cause an upset against teammate Klaas Voget. The young Spaniard opened with a trademark tweaked Pushloop before consistently picking up the best set waves to put Voget on the back foot. His German rival landed a high, completely one-handed backloop, but was slightly out of sync with the set waves and was powerless to stop Stillrich advancing as the twenty year old delivered vertical turn after vertical turn. On the b-side of Heat 1 Robby Swift comfortably advanced against local boy Valter Scotto.

Victor Fernandez hitting the lip - PWA World Cup Tenerife 2015

Victor Fernandez hitting the lip – PWA World Cup Tenerife 2015


Victor Fernandez looked hugely impressive in Heat 2b as he opened up his account with an 8.5 point wave. The Spaniard combined stunning vertical turns, whilst keeping his speed to impress, whilst also managing to land a perfect tabletop forward despite the then fading wind to defeat Lock Lesauvage. Meanwhile Omar Sanchez dispatched of Martin ten Hoeve – who was unlucky with the light winds, but you can take nothing away from Sanchez who was able to make the most out of the conditions.

Heat 3 was started but had to be cancelled with the conditions diminishing and the fleet were released shortly afterwards.

Today, on day 5 the single elimination got continued and saw a lot of close heats, but no upsets or surprising results. Robby Swift, Victor Fernandez, Alex Mussolini, Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello, Jaeger Stone and Philip Köster made it into the top 8 in the single elimination. Browne and Campello were a bit lucky as their heat got cancelled and resailed. At the first attempt Flo Jung was leading against Marcilio Browne and Moritz Mauch against Ricardo Campello when the heat got stopped. In the repetition of heat 11 a and b Brawzinho and Riki showed their full potential and won both.

Great wind and waves are forecasted for tomorrow and we can expect great action at Cabezo. It’s hard to say, who has the biggest chances to win. Jaeger Stone for sure showed some of the best wave rides today, Victor Fernandez impressed with a very solid overall performances, Robby Swift looked on form. Alex Mussolini knows his home spot very well, Thomas rides the waves very smooth, Marcilio has it all in jumping and wave riding, Ricardo can land crazy jumps with high scores and Philip Köster lands a perfect double Forward in each heat plus goes for tricky freestyle wave stuff, even on mushy waves. Jaeger Stone was the rider of the day with the highest score of the day with 23.5 points against local and event organizer Dany Bruch. The Australian managed to get a 8.88 on a single wave ride.

Jaeger Stone with a lot of style in the single elimination at El Cabezo

Jaeger Stone with a lot of style in the single elimination at El Cabezo, with a “fin wafty” top turn

And what we heard is that the PWA will continue with man on man heats. Robby Swift and Victor Fernandez will be the first pair to compete against each other. The first possible start got announced for 9.00 am.


Stormy wavy big day 6

The day started with action at 9.53 and ran with a few breaks till 19.50 nonstop. The wind and waves were up. Gusts up to 50 knots and swell from the south created extreme side onshore wave sailing conditions. El Cabezo was on fire! A lot of sailors showed radical action with textbook moves and waverides. Outstanding rider in the single elimination was definitely Jaeger Stone, who knocked out Philip Köster, Ricardo Campello and Victor Fernandez in the final. He won the single elimination with extremely nice wave riding style. He managed to get 31 point son the final, with 6 wave rides and 4 jumps. He got 16 point son wave rides and 15 on jumps. Victor worked much harder, but lost by almost two points with a score of 29.26 points. He had 11 wave rides and 5 jumps on the paper, won the jump category against the Aussie with 17.26 points, but lost on the waves with 12 points only. “The timing out there at Cabezo is critical. I feel I could pick the right waves. I tried to do my own thing out there and was waiting for the right waves.” Jaeger Stone stated after his victory in the single elimination.

The wind picked up during the double elimination. We saw a strong comeback of Philip Köster defeating Adam Lewis, Marcilio Browne, Robby Swift, Alex Mussolini and Ricardo Campello. His scores were big: 36 points, 33.51 points, 36.87 points, 36.5 points and 32 points

The closest heat was against Ricardo, who lost by less than a point to Philip in dropping conditions. The most exciting heat to watch was against local Alex Mussolini, who managed to get an incredible 10.12 on a single wave ride, but Philip had the answer with his jump and received 11.50 points for a Pushloop Forward and a 10.00 for a double Forward.

Philip Köster with a big frontside wave 360 (Pic:Carter/PWA)

Philip Köster with a big frontside wave 360 during the double elimination (Pic:Carter/PWA)

Two or three heats are still missing to have the double elimination completed. Sunday, August 9th, is the final day at Cabezo and the competition should be continued at 9.00 am. Let’s see, if the wind and waves will cooperate. Forecast says lighter wind and shrinking waves, but still ok for a few heats. Next men’s heat will be Köster vs Fernandez. Jaeger Stone waits in leading position for the winner of that heat.

The ladies double elimination got started later as planned as the conditions were too extreme for the women. 3 heats got completed and Alice Arutkin and Sarah-Quita Offringa made it through.


Day 7 – the day of the big finals

The competition started as announced early in the morning at 9.00. The wind and waves were still there at Cabezo. Victor Fernandez was definitely on form and took down Philip Köster, what brought him into the final. Philip missed to collect enough points in his jumps and was below his normal jumping rankings. Victor showed great wave selection and powerful jumps. He continued with his great routine in the following heat in the final of the double elimination against Aussie Jaeger Stone, the winner of the single elimination. Jaeger snapped his 65 liter board at the beginning of his heat and Philip Köster sailed out bigger gear set for his team mate Jaeger. Jaeger didn’t find real rhythm and had to go for all in the super final.

At the beginning of the super final Jaeger had a bit of advantage against Victor, but Victor suddenly had the “30 seconds of brilliance” (Adam Lewis), landing a perfect double Forward and a really high Table Top Forward. These 2 massive jumps brought him in the lead, which he defended till the end of the 18 minutes long heat. “If Victor wouldn’t have done the double Forward, he wouldn’t have won”, Adam Lewis commented directly after the heat.

Victor Fernandez wins the 2015 PWA Tenerife event (Pic:Carter)

Victor Fernandez wins the 2015 PWA Tenerife event (Pic:Carter)

Victor won another big event and took the overall lead in the wave ranking in front of Philip Köster, Jaeger Stone and Alex Mussolini in third with the same points. Jaeger had the chance to win his first PWA wave event, but missed out a few points in jumps and even on the waves. He wasn’t on his favourite 65 liter board in quite windy conditions as he destroyed his board in a hard landing of a jump. Congrats to all winners! It was an awesome show!!


Results men PWA Tenerife:

1. Victor Fernandez

2. Jaeger Stone

3. Philip Köster

4. Ricardo Campello

5. Alex Mussolini


In the ladies double elimination Sarah-Quita Offringa stormed through 3 heats, winning against Alice Arutkin, Greta Benvenuti and Steffi Wahl. In the heat against Amanda Beenen she had the lead almost till the end, but lost in the last minute as Amanda nailed a good Table Top and went for a long wave ride. Amanda made it into the top three. She risked a lot, changed to her smaller gear during the heat and nailed a huge Forward. Big congrats! 

Daida Moreno takes second victory in the 2015 season (Pic:Carter/PWA)

Daida Moreno takes second victory in the 2015 season (Pic:Carter/PWA)

In the following heat against Iballa Ruano Moreno Amanda confirmed her great form and took the lead almost in the end. But Iballa answered with a great wave ride in the last minute, getting big points for that and won the heat against Amanda with 30.01 points against 27.14 points on Amanda’s score sheet. The Iballa Daida show was on again. In the final of the double elimination Daida went big on jumps and Iballa missed to get a second high wave score. She had the chance to win the double final. but Daida took the win with 15.06 point son the jumps. Iballa just got 8 points on the jumps.

“I felt really overpowered on my 4,2m and already hurt my ankle in a previous heat. I had fun in wave riding, but was weak in jumps.” Iballa Ruano Moreno. 

“Last year I won in Gran Canaria and Tenerife and Iballa took the title in the end. In the final I concentrated on the jumps. Iballa was much better on wave riding. She got better sets.” Daida Ruano Moreno

Amanda Beenen made her first podium finish in her career at Tenerife 2015. Daida leads the overall ranking in front of her twin sister Iballa and Sarah-Quita Offringa.


Results ladies PWA Tenerife:

1. Daida Ruano Moreno

2. Iballa Ruano Moreno

3. Amanda Beenen

4. Sarah-Quita Offringa

5. Steffi Wahl


All in all the Tenerife PWA Wave World Cup was an outstanding event with a lot of world class action on the water. A not ideal forecast turned into brilliant conditions on the last weekend. Some other Canary Islands had zero wind, affected by the hot Calima weather. But Cabezo got it all. 2- 3 m high waves and 30 to 50 knots of wind. A crazy mix, which allowed everyone to show the potential. In the end Daida Ruano Moreno and Victor Fernandez were overall the best windsurfers on the water and highly deserved to win. Amanda Beenen and Jaeger Stone made it on teh podium for the first time in the 2015 season. The battle for world title is very much open in the men’s category. Fernandez leads, but Köster, Mussolini and Stone are the top contenders. 3 to 4 more events will take place in the 2015 season. In the ladies fleet are 2 or 3 events on the calendar. Let’s see, if Iballa Moreno can fight back during the next events on Sylt and in France. She has to win at Sylt to have realistic chances to defend the wave title from 2014.


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