Philip Köster and Daida Moreno won the Single Elimination at the PWA Wave World Cup in Tenerife yesterday.
We have filmed some of the final heats in full length. Philip’s final heat is already online, but as we don’t have fast internet, we were not able to upload it in better quality and I am afraid we won’t be able to upload many other heats in full length from here.


Here are the highlights of the heat with the timecode, if you prefer to check them out straight. Two wave rides and two jumps were counting!

01:40 short waveride

04:05 waveride with two Aerials and a Taka at the end

06:26 double Forward

07:45 waveride with one turn

08:30 backside waveride into frontside wave ride with a Taka, Backside 360 and another Taka

09:22 onefooted Backloop

10:36 frontside wave 360, waveride

11:21 onefooted onehanded Backloop

13:15 double Forward

13:48 Wave 360