Profiles of the best freestyle riders from around the world, with seperate chapters for each rider. This will give an insight into the life of each of your favorite riders as well as unbelievable action and the newest moves.

A compelete and up to date windsurfing trickbook. This section will demonstrate moves that will inspire all windsurfers from beginner to pro and includes tips from the world´s top sailors.

A trip to all 3 2005 PWA World Cup Freestyle events leading to the crowning of the World Champion. You will experience all of the excitement, drama and radical manouvers of the top sailors.

Riders: Andreas Olandersson, Andre Paskowski, Anthony Ruenes, Antxon Otaegui, Colin Sifferlen, Choco Frans, Daida Ruano Moreno, Dioni Guadagnino, Douglas Cheo Diaz, Frank Diaz Figueroa, Iballa Ruano Moreno, Jose Golitto Estredo, Kauli Seadi, Kevin Mevissen, Kiri Thode, Konan Lang, Leo Ray, Nicholas Warmuth, Normen Günzlein, Remko de Weerd, Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift, Ruben Petrisie, Taty Frans, Thomas Traversa, Tonky Frans, Victor Fernandez, and many more

Locations: Bonaire, Brasil, Capetown, Costa Teguise/Lanzarote, Hyeres/ France, Italia, Maui/Hawaii, Paris/France, Pozo/Gran Canaria, Rhodos/Greece, Schweden

Length: over 200min/System: Pal and NTSC
Directed and produced by Sebastian Dörr and Andre Paskowski
Release date: 2005
System: PAL