Philip Köster needs no introduction. The 19 year old has already established himself as one of the dominant forces on the PWA World Tour with two World Titles. Travelling the beaches of the world, the exceptionally skilled German  wave sailor and current PWA tour leader, began his season on Australia’s West Coast, exploring the vast expanse of uncrowded breaks and lines, including Esperance and Margaret River, followed in tow by cameraman and photographer Sean O’Brien. In this short, launched today on Sean’s video project blog  – WEARENEVERLEAVING – Philip shows us his aggressive and radical style, which has already put him in the box seat for a third consecutive World title this year.


And perhaps you are wondering what Nti stands for? It’s just short for “anti”… Like ‘no gravity’!


“This new short video is being launched on a new video production side project I am working on this year with Luke Baillie, called ‘WeAreNeverLeaving’. Our idea with the project is to document our travels and experiences on the pro tour and film video shorts about other pro riders, our friends, ourselves and our adventures along the way. Our style is different to the way windsurfing marketing is heading these days. We are trying to move away from the bright colours and hype and have an older, ‘16mm style’ to our videos, maybe a little influenced by old surfing movies and vintage jeans commercials. We are trying to find music nobody has heard before and make interesting videos that challenge the traditional windsurfing movie styles. We are also really excited about Tumblr and a lot of our inspiration comes from the beautiful windsurfing and surfing images we’ve been compiling on our Tumblr:  ” (SEAN O’BRIEN about his current video and photo project)