The event is fininished.

Antoine Albeau wins the slalom event in front of Matteo Iachino and Pierre Mortefon.

On July 31 the freestyle competition ended with a victory of Gollito Estredo and Sarah-Quita Offringa. > Read more

Check out the winning heats from Gollito Estredo & Sarah-Quita Offringa.

LIVE STREAM – PWA Fuerteventura 2018


Result – Slalom 1: 1st Antoine Albeau, 2nd Julien Quentel, 3rd Pierre Mortefon, 4th Matteo Iachino, 5th Arnon Dagan, 6th Cyril Moussilmani, 7th Jordy Vonk, 8th Antoine Questel

Result – Slalom 2: 1st Antoine Albeau, 2nd Pierre Mortefon, 3rd Jordy Vonk, 4th Alexandre Cousin, 5th Ben van der Steen

Result – Slalom 3: 1st Antoine Albeau, 2nd Matteo Iachino, 3rd Mateus Isaac, 4th Pierre Mortefon, 5th Ross Williams, 6th Julien Quentel, 7th Alexandre Cousin, 8th Arnon Dagan

Result – Slalom 4: 1st Antoine Albeau, 2nd Matteo Iachino, 3rd Ross Williams, 4th Pierre Mortefon, 5th Taty Frans, 6th Cyril Moussilmani, 7th Cedric Bordes, 8th Jordy Vonk