Pozrocco is the latest video of 16 year old French wave talent Julien Flechet. He spent his summer in Pozo Izquierdo on Gran Canaria and in Moulay Bouzertoune in Morocco. Julien likes to windsurf on both tacks, but is a little bit more experienced on starboard tack as he spent many summers in Morocco. This year he improved a lot and now goes for doubel Forwards, eagle wings, Goiters off the lip, no handed Back loops and many more moves. It looks like Julien is on a mission in waves. Just remember! He already went out at Boujma Guilloul’s home spot, when he was 9 years old! This summer he spent 45 days at the sea and rode waves and landed airmoves almost every day. It was a windy summer!

Julien Flechet windsurfs in waves in Gran Canaria and in Morocco in 2018