Julien (15) and Titouan Flechet (13) are two young motivated French wave windsurfing kids, who travelled to Morocoo many times. This summer father Jean Philippe, himself an incredible windsurfer, loaded the trailer and they travelled to Moulay Bouzerktoune again. They scored great conditions, lived in their van and learned a lot of new moves. The boys land brilliant Back loops, even one handed, Forwards, Aerials, Goiters, Takas, ride waves with a lot of control and even go for Double Forward Loops. It’s good to see a 13 year old boy playing in challenging wave conditions. Big respect!! Watch their new video “Esprit de Famille”

Thomas Traversa & Co shouldn’t be worried about young wave talents from France. The next generation of wave riders are soon ready to take over…

In addition to the video we caught up with Julien to speak about their latest trip to Morocco. Read the interview below the video.

Julien, Titouan and Jean Philippe Flechet with great summer wave windsurfing action in Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco

Interview with Julien Flechet

Continentseven: Continentseven: Do you always windsurf together with your bro and dad? Is your mum windsurfing, too?
Julien: I always go on the water with the family like a little crew! My mum does not windsurf in strong wind only on flat water in very light conditions but she follows us for all the sessions.

Continentseven: Is Moulay your favorite spot?
Julien: I started windsurf in this place and I love the spirit of this village and to share good sessions with local riders, who became friends like Bouj and Soufian, Abderazak, Yves Masnada. I think for jumping it is my favorite spot but for riding I prefere the conditions just in front of my house like l’ile au vache or La Torche.

Continentseven: What do you like most about wave windsurfing?
Julien: I love riding but the feeling in the air is just incredible.

Continentseven: Do you have any idols in windsurfing?
Julien: Yes many. I shared some sessions with Thomas Traversa and he is very impressive in the waves and he is always at the right place in the right moment! I like Boujmaa for his air moves a lot and his very good style in the strong wind. And they have always a smile on the beach and on the water! I have a another BIG IDOL: Bruno André but just for his hair cut;-) (like an egg:)

Continentseven: You all have a great level in the waves, but you are more focused on free sailing. Is that the secret to improve fast?
Julien: There are different ways to improve our level… starting competition in the youngest age or improve our level in free sessions to learn the sport without pressure. To reach the top level in windsurfing is a very long and hard way. It takes time and experience. But NOW I think I’m ready to start with competition! Slowly but surely.

Continentseven: How much time did you spend in Moulay this year and how often did you travel there?
Julien: We spent one month and a half in Moulay. This year was the 14th time! It’s a long love story with this place and the Moroccan people in Moulay village!

Continentseven: In this video you already go for Double Forward rotations. When will you land your first one?
Julien: This summer it was the first time to try Doubles for me and my brother. During a good day we tried a lot of doubles and we were very surprised nothing happened during the attempts. So we tried again and again. Now I’m on a good way to land the double soon! The next weeks I need to learn the same on the other side on port tack.