Everyone knows the joy of coming home, wether from a long day at work or a weeklong vacation. Kevin Pritchard produced a video ft. Graham Ezzy at home

“When I windsurf at home—at Hookipa—I am on the water to have fun. This is the time to express myself through windsurfing. Right now, so much inspires me—from Josh Angulo at Punta Preta to the WSL CT heats. Tail-slide cutbacks are super popular in our sport, but I went in another direction and tried to do full rail carves with my windsurf board. I also experimented with how we can free up the body to ride waves in different ways.” Graham Ezzy


In 2011 Kevin Pritchard decided to retire from the PWA tour and focus more on loving life, free sailing, local events and producing videos. We hooked up with Kevin to speak about the making of “Home” and his love for producing nice images.

Kevin Pritchard