A heavy storm hit Domburg in the Netherlands and Sven Akerboom actually wanted to go for a windsurfing session, but he became quickly overpowered on his 3.6 m2 sail so he decided to film his friend Erik de Landmeter. Domburg has a lot of potential for wave sailing and is quite close to the town of Vlissingen where Erik lives. The spot is one of the best wave windsurfing spots in Zeeland, Netherlands and when a strong south westerly wind is on it’s definitely worth to visit this beach.

The clip is only 46 seconds short, because unfortunately Erik broke his board and injured his hip. We wish a speed recovery and have a lot of respect for going out in these stormy cold conditions. 

Erik de Landmeter’s heavy Monday at Domburg, Zeeland, Netherlands

Erik de Landmeter at Domburg in stormy conditions

Erik de Landmeter at Domburg in stormy conditions