The Italian freestyle windsurfer Riccardo Marca reports for us from the EFPT Toro Andaluz 2017 which takes place in Tarifa at the moment.

The Toro Andaluz 2017 started off yesterday with challenging onshore conditions at Balneario, the location of the event-site close to Tarifa’s beautiful old-town. Today the wind shifted to the east. Adrien Bosson managed to hold off Jacopo Testa and won the double elimination. Sam Esteve finished in 3rd and Davy Scheffers improved his result from the single and finished in 4th. The forecast for tomorrow is insane with Levante of up to 50knots.

EFPT Toro Andaluz 2017 – Riccardo Marca reports

The second day of the European freestyle pro tour just came to an end. It was a nice windy day and we managed to finish the first double elimination. I started the day with a good breakfast at home together with Rick Jendrusch and Max Matissek.  

Riccardo Marca, Francesco Cappuzzo & Adrien Bosson

Riccardo Marca, Francesco Cappuzzo & Adrien Bosson

We couldn’t start the first heat before 15:00 as the wind didn’t kick in before. The conditions of today were the opposite from yesterday. Yesterday the wind was on-shore and the water was pretty choppy and wavy. Today the wind was blowing off-shore and there were only a few waves coming through and it was easy to find flat water between the waves. During the first heats the wind was pretty light and gusty and the riders were sailing with 5.2/4.8 m sails. The wind got stronger and stronger and during the last heats of the day the wind was already strong enough to sail powered up with 4.4.

It wasn’t my best day of sailing at all and I’m actually really disappointed about my heat. I didn’t manage to land the moves I wanted even though I was feeling ready. But as soon as the heat started I got a bit under pressure. I’m still positive for tomorrow and even more motivated than before.
Our plan for the evening is dinner at home, maybe some pasta with vegetables and to bed straight after. It has been a long day and tomorrow the skipper’s meeting is at 9.00 a.m.

The forecast for the weekend is great, it seems we will not need the 4.4 anymore. Let’s hope it will be not too strong to sail with the 4.0. Good night!


Top 3 after the double elimination | Adrien Bosson 1st, Jacopo Testa 2nd, Sam Esteve 3rd

Top 3 after the double elimination | Adrien Bosson 1st, Jacopo Testa 2nd, Sam Esteve 3rd


Provisional Result
after 1st double elimination

1. Adrian Bosson
2. Jacopo Testa
3. Sam Esteve
4. Davy Scheffers
5. Antoine Albert
6. Rick Jendrusch
7. Giovanni Passani, Johnny Yagen
9. Tonky Frans, Riccardo Marca, Max Matissek, Francesco Cappuzzo