EFPT Toro Andaluz XXV 2017

Adrien Bosson wins the second EFPT tour stop in front of Sam Esteve and Jacopo Testa. The EFPT Toro Andaluz in Tarifa was an event with four days full of high class, flat water freestyle action. “There was only a handful of events in the past, where the conditions were almost too extreme to run the heats and the Toro Andaluz will go down in history, to be one of those memorable events. We are more than looking forwards to work with the local team, to make this event happen again in the upcoming season”, the EFPT stated.

The Italian freestyle windsurfer Riccardo Marca reported for us from the event. He finished in 10th and he said it was the windiest event he has ever attended.

Video EFPT Torro Andaluz from the final day

Final Result
after 2 double eliminations

1. Adrien Bosson
2. Sam Esteve
3. Jacopo Testa
4. Davy Scheffers
5. Antoine Albert
6. Rick Jendrusch
7. Tonky Frans
8. Giovanni Passani
8. Francesco Cappuzzo
10. Riccardo Marca
10. Max Matissek
12. Johnny Yagen
13. Jose Pinyana
14. Eilon Wilson
14. Tony Mottus
14. Matteo Testa
17. Eliram Levi

EFPT Overall Result 2017

1. Jacopo Testa
2. Sam Esteve
3. Yentel Caers
4. Amado Vrieswijk
5. Antoine Albert
6. Giovanni Passani
7. Riccardo Marca
8. Adrien Bosson
9. Tonky Frans
10. Davy Scheffers

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