Loick Spicher and Jeremy Plüss have released an amazing video from their recent trip to Egypt. Actually this video is one of the best freestyle videos we have seen for a while. 



Freestyle Windsurfing Video with Loick Spicher and Jeremy Plüss

Location: Dahab, Blue Lagoon (Egpyt)
Edit: Jeremy Plüss
Filmed: Jeremy Plüss, Loick Spicher, Lene Kyte


“It was hard to believe for us when we saw how few people there are nowadays in the little Egyptian town called “Dahab”. The streets and Restaurants are almost empty, the windsurf centres are not crowded anymore and the spot looks like as a desert compared to back in the days… Was this a problem for us? Not at all! In contrary, we had our best trip ever. All the Egyptians are so friendly and everything is so peace full. Moreover it is so incredible nice to sail with such few people on the water. There are still the local foreigners and the local Egyptians, which make it never boring. You feel that there is still life over there and that the people are living on. Even if we cheered the quietness there, we still whish for all our comrades and for the tourism, that there will be more people travelling to Dahab soon again.

The “Sinai weather” is something amazing: Never a cloud, never rain, 20 knots almost every day and this in paradisiacal landscapes. The highlight of our journey were the Blue Lagoon trips. This place is fantastic and pure. We felt like in a little paradise on earth… We really recommend to everybody who is thinking to go to Dahab, to have an excursion there once! Even if it would be only for a daytime, it is a unique experience and really a must to do… Jeremy put up a little scenery about our trip to Dahab and the Blue Lagoon. We hope you will like it!”