Delphine Cousin (FRA-775) won the ladies PWA Slalom world title in 2013, just ahead of Valerie Arrighetti and Karin Jaggi. Delphine is just 22 years old, but has an amazing overall speed and knows how to jibe. Let’s see, if she can defend her title in 2014.

Delphine is a very complete rider with a lot of of raving experience. She started to windsurf in 2000 and entered the first PWA event back in 2009. In her fourth year on tour she already won the first world title. Watch almost 4 minutes racing action. Monty Spindler, the Loftsails sail designer, meets Delphine in a  local bar having a drink and describes, how strong the conditions were out there the other day, when the world champ sailed on 5,6 m.