Tarifa, Spain based Loft Sails just announced a new addition to her racing team. Current 2013 PWA and French Slalom Champion Delphine Cousin will be International Racing Team rider for 2014. Delphine, just 22 years old, made her first PWA appearance in 2009 and has ever since climbed through the rankings, winning in 2012 the French overall Championship as well as the PWA Youth Slalom title, in anticipation of her brilliant 2013 season. Delphine left JP-Australia and NeilPryde after winning her first world title. The French lady is one of the fastest ladies on tour and has a lot of tactical know how.

Raised within a family of windsurfers – her brother Alexandre Cousin –  and along with her partner, Antoine Questel, number 7 in the world she has the will and skills to fight for the World crown for many seasons to come, and will complete one of the most competitive Women Racing Teams on the Tour. Delphine Cousin, Cagla Kubat and Lena Erdil, current number 1, 4 and 7 in the world ranking.


Delphine Cousin with her new  Racing Blade

Delphine Cousin with her new Racing Blade


Read an interview with Delphine, produced by Loft Sails:


Loft Sails: So, Delphine, welcome to The Loft, how do you feel?

Delphine Cousin: I feel super good! I am super excited for the next season!


Loft Sails: Tell us a bit more about your decision to join Loft Sails, Antoine has been riding Loft Sails for a while, then your brother Alexandre joined and had a great season, and now you …

Delphine Cousin: Since I know Antoine he had always sailed with Loft sails and he is very competitive. Last year my brother Alexandre joined the team and his performance has been really better than ever before. Loft Sails performance is already proven around the world, and I will have the advantage of training and work on the settings with Antoine and Alexandre, which is a huge advantage for me.


Loft Sails: Have you already had a go on the Racing Blade? What are your feelings?

Delphine Cousin: Yes, I have already tried the 7.0 and the feeling was really good! I have no doubt it will give me and advantage over my contenders help me reach my goals.


Loft Sails: Having already won the French and PWA Titles in 2013, what are your goals for the coming seasons? Any new disciplines you would like to compete in?

Delphine Cousin: For next year, my goals are exactly the same, PWA and French titles! The battle will be hard and I know that I will have work a lot if I want keep my titles next year. For the moment I prefer to stay concentrated in the slalom and keep others disciplines for pleasure.


Loft Sails: Loft Sails has already got a strong women Racing Team, obviously they will also be one of your strongest contenders …

Delphine Cousin: Yes, the Turkish girls Lena and Cagla will be contenders for the title, my plan is to train hard and continue to do my best not to have any regrets!


Loft Sails: When did you start competing and which route did you take to make it to the very top? Do you remember your first ever trophy?

Delphine Cousin: I started windsurfing at 11 years old and I have always done competitions. My first important trophy was a third place in the French Championship in the BIC 293 class, I will never forget it! I think I have been lucky to have my parents with me, they trained me a lot. Work is the key to success.


Loft Sails: What is your winter training plan and partners?

Delphine Cousin: I will go for three weeks to St Barth in January for the first competition of the year, the Saint Barth Fun Cup, where we have really good conditions for 8.6, 7.8, 7.0, and will also be training with my brother Alexandre, Antoine Questel and Pierre Mortefon. After that I should go to Tarifa with Marion Mortefon for some strong wind slalom sailing, it is a really good spot and Loft’s Headquarters are there, so it will be perfect for me.


Loft Sails: Thanks indeed, we are already excited about the new Racing season, good luck.

Delphine Cousin: Thank you a lot and I am ready for next excited season!


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