Dario Ojeda is one of the best wave sailors at his home spot Pozo Izquierdo. He is able to land double Forwards, Pushloop Forwards, massively tweaked Pushloops or high Backloops. This season was not the best one for the Canarian waterman, as Pozo Izquierdo had not enough wind and waves to run an elimination. At Tenerife he finished in 13th and lost really close to his team collegue Jamie Hancock and at the PWA event in Denmark he had a re-sail against Martin “Lampi” Ten Hoeve and lost in the first round. Two more wave events are coming up and the conditions will probably favour Dario, who likes to ride big thick waves with all kind of equipment.


Dario released a clip, which shows action from Pozo and Cabezo and surfing and suping at different spots on the Canaries. Well done Dario, that’s really nice action!