21 year old Camille Juban from Guadeloupe is an outstanding wave rider. And he is a real winner. For the second time in a row he has won the AWT (American Windsurfing Tour) overall title with winning three events in Oregon (Pistol River), Punta San Carlos (Baja California, Mexico) and Pacasmayo, Peru. 

The following 2 minute and 10 second long clip shows Camille’s summer highlights. He did not only windsurf, he as well spent some time surfing at France, Hossegor during September, where he visited the ASP surf event, too. At 1:10 is an outstanding arched Aerial off the lip in super slowmo. 


“My little brother Tom is as addicted as me to windsurf and surf, so we shared some waves and were in the water from the early morning till the night. There is nothing better than practice this passion with the family. And I could surf with the best surfers in the world and take inspiration from them while watching on the beach. It’s interesting to see the difference of surfing and windsurfing in the reading of the wave. I really learnt from that.” (Camille Juban)


Watch Camille Juban riding waves


Camille Juban on the AWT 2013

Camille Juban on the AWT 2013