Camille Juban (GPE-8), 2012 and 2013 American Windsurfing Tour winner, won the first wave contest of the season in the waves of Trois-Rivières at Guadeloupe (southwestern region of t he island). The event saw a double elimination with 12 minutes long heats . The best two rides and the best jump were counted by the judges. Local Camille, who spends the winter on his home island, won the final of the 2014 Tainos Soukouss against a very strong sailing Antoine Martin (F-193). The following clip shows great action from the local contest and especially from the final. They both landed perfect wave moves in really tricky conditions. The wave broke quite close towards the shore and the riders had to avoid crashing on the big exposed rocks.


The clip shows very well, how great Camille and Antoine sail at their home spot. Both of them are world class sailors and gave it all in the competition. And keep in mind. They are both quite young. Antoine is 20 and Camille 23.

Vincent Beauvarlet finished the competition in 3rd and Nathan Loridon in 4th.


Thanks to Ploof Video, who produced the cool clip.